Updated AAU Cut Off Mark in Nigeria 2024/2025

AAU Cut Off Mark in Nigeria

The AAU cut off mark is the minimum score set by Ambrose Alli University (AAU) that aspiring students must meet or surpass in order to be eligible for admission into the university.

It serves as a benchmark to filter out some students who do not meet the expected requirements.

AAU considers both the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) cut off mark and the departmental cut off mark.

Factors Affecting AAU Cut Off Mark

Several factors influence the AAU cut off mark. These factors include:

1. Availability of Spaces

The number of available spaces in a particular department or faculty can influence the cut off mark. If there are limited slots available, the competition becomes stiffer, leading to a higher cut off mark.

2. Number of Applicants

The number of applicants for a specific course also plays a role in determining the cut off mark. Higher demand for a course may result in a higher cut off mark to select the most qualified candidates.

3. Performance of Applicants

The overall performance of applicants in the JAMB examination can impact the cut off mark. If the performance is exceptional, the cut off mark may be higher compared to a year with lower overall performance.

4. Previous Year’s Cut Off Mark

The cut off mark from the previous year can also influence the current year’s cut off mark. If there was a significant increase in the previous year’s cut off mark, it may set a precedent for subsequent years.

What Determines AAU Cut Off Mark?

The AAU cut off mark is determined through a collaborative effort between the university’s admission board and the JAMB. The following factors are considered in the determination process:

1. JAMB Policy

The JAMB policy sets a minimum benchmark for all universities in Nigeria. The AAU cut off mark cannot be lower than the minimum specified by JAMB.

2. Performance Statistics

The performance statistics of applicants in the JAMB examination are analyzed to determine the appropriate cut off mark. This analysis takes into account the average scores and distribution of scores among the applicants.

3. AAU Admission Criteria

Ambrose Alli University has its own admission criteria that are considered alongside the JAMB policy. These criteria may include post-UTME screening, O’level results, and other relevant factors.

Current AAU JAMB Cut Off Mark

The AAU JAMB cut off mark refers to the minimum score set by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for admission into AAU.

It serves as a general benchmark for all universities in Nigeria. The current JAMB policy sets the minimum cut off mark for universities at 160 out of a total score of 400.

AAU Departmental Cut Off Mark

Apart from the JAMB cut off mark, AAU also considers the departmental cut off mark for each course. The departmental cut off mark is specific to each course or program offered by the university.

It is usually higher than the JAMB cut off mark and varies depending on the competitiveness of the course.

Now, see the available list of AAU Departmental Cut Off Mark below:


  • English: 50
  • History and International Studies: 40
  • Modern Languages: 40
  • Philosophy: 40
  • Religious Studies and Cultural Management: 40
  • Theatre And Media Art: 50


  • Anatomy: 50
  • Medicine And Surgery: 70
  • Medicine Lab.Science: 60
  • Nursing: 65
  • Physiology: 50


  • Curriculum and Instruction: 40
  • Educational Foundations & Management: 40
  • Guidance And Counseling: 40
  • Human and Kinetics Health Education: 40
  • Library and information science: 40
  • Voc. and Technical Education: 40


  • Civil Engineering: 50
  • Elect/Elec Engineering: 60
  • Industrial and Production Engineering: 50
  • Mech. Engineering: 50


  • Architecture: 50
  • Building: 40
  • Fine And Applied Arts: 40
  • Geography and Environmental Management: 40


  • Agric Econs/Extension: 40
  • Animal Science: 40
  • Crop Science: 40
  • Soil Science: 40


  • LAW: 70


  • Biochemistry: 50
  • Botany: 40
  • Human Nutrition Dieleties: 40
  • Microbiology: 50
  • Zoology: 40


  • Accounting: 50
  • Banking And Finance: 50
  • Business Administration: 50
  • Public Administration: 50


  • Chemistry: 40
  • Computer Science: 55
  • Geophysics: 40
  • Industrial Chemistry: 40
  • Mathematics: 40
  • Physics: 40
  • Statistics: 40


  • Economics: 50
  • Political Science: 50
  • Psychology: 40
  • Sociology: 45

How to Check AAU Cut Off Mark

To check the AAU cut off mark, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the AAU Official Website

Go to the official website of Ambrose Alli University (AAU). The university’s website is the primary source of accurate and up-to-date information regarding admission requirements.

2. Navigate to the Admissions Section

Search for the section labeled “Admissions” or “Prospective Students” on the website. This section will contain all the relevant information about the admission process and cut off marks.

3. Find the Cut Off Mark

Within the Admissions section, locate the information related to the cut off marks. The AAU cut off marks are usually displayed according to departments or faculties.

4. Check the Required Scores

Identify your desired course or program and check the corresponding cut off mark. Ensure that your JAMB score meets or exceeds the specified cut off mark for your chosen course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about the AAU cut off mark:

What happens if my JAMB score is below the AAU cut off mark?

If your JAMB score is below the AAU cut off mark, it may affect your chances of gaining admission into the university. However, there may be alternative options such as supplementary admission or applying for a different course with a lower cut off mark.

Can the AAU cut off mark change from year to year?

Yes, the AAU cut off mark can change from year to year based on various factors such as the number of applicants, performance statistics, and university policies. It is important to stay updated with the latest information provided by the university.

Are there any exceptions to the AAU cut off mark?

In some cases, there may be exceptions or special considerations for candidates who have unique circumstances, such as outstanding achievements or special talents. These cases are evaluated by the university on an individual basis.

Is the AAU departmental cut off mark the same for all courses?

No, the AAU departmental cut off mark is not the same for all courses.

Each course or program has its own specific cut off mark, which can vary depending on factors such as demand and competition.

Can I appeal the AAU cut off mark if I feel it is unfair?

AAU’s admission policies and cut off marks are determined by the university’s authorities and are generally not subject to individual appeals.

However, you can reach out to the university’s admission office for further clarification or guidance.

How can I Increase my chances of getting the AAU cut off mark?

To improve your chances of getting the AAU cut off mark, focus on your academic performance and prepare well for the JAMB examination.

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