Al-Ansar University School Fees For All Courses 2023/2024

Are you looking for a reputable and affordable university in Nigeria? If yes, then you might want to consider Al-Ansar University, a private Islamic university located in Maiduguri, Borno State. Al-Ansar University is one of the newest universities in Nigeria, having been established in 2020 by the Al-Ansar Foundation. This non-governmental organization promotes education, health, and humanitarian services.

Overview Of Al-Ansar University School Fees

The university aims to provide quality education that is in line with Islamic values and principles, as well as to produce graduates who are competent, ethical, and socially responsible. But how much does it cost to study at Al-Ansar University? In this blog post, we will give you a breakdown of the tuition and school fees schedule for the 2023/2024 academic session, as well as some tips on how to pay and the payment deadline.

Al-Ansar University Tuition and School Fees Schedule for 2023/2024 Academic Session

S/N Program Fee
1 B.Sc Accounting ₦825,000.00
2 B.A Arabic ₦231,000.00
3 B. Sc. Biochemistry ₦770,000.00
4 B.Sc Biotechnology ₦770,000.00
5 B.Sc Computer Science ₦715,000.00
6 B.Sc Criminology and Security Studies ₦550,000.00
7 B.Sc Cyber Security ₦715,000.00
8 B.Sc. Data Science ₦715,000.00
9 B.Sc Economics ₦660,000.00
10 B.A English Language & Literary Studies ₦550,000.00
11 B.Sc Entrepreneurship ₦825,000.00
12 B. Sc. Human Anatomy ₦1,320,000.00
13 B. Sc. Human Physiology ₦1,320,000.00
14 B.Sc. Human Resources Management ₦825,000.00
15 B.Sc. Industrial Mathematics ₦550,000.00
16 B.Sc. Information Technology ₦715,000.00
17 B.A Islamic Studies ₦231,000.00
18 LL.B. Law ₦2,000,000.00
19 B.Sc Mass Communication ₦715,000.00
20 MBBS ₦3,000,000.00
21 B.Medical Lab. Science ₦1,320,000.00
22 B.Sc. Microbiology ₦770,000.00
23 B.NSc. Nursing Science ₦1,320,000.00
24 B.Sc Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution ₦550,000.00
25 B.Sc Petroleum Chemistry ₦770,000.00
26 B.Sc. Physics with Electronics ₦715,000.00
27 B.Sc Procurement Management ₦825,000.00
28 B. Sc. Public Health ₦1,320,000.00
29 B.Sc Software Engineering

As you can see, the tuition fee varies depending on the course of study. The tuition fee covers the cost of courses undertaken for the semester, as well as other charges such as registration, examination, library, laboratory, sports, ICT, ID card, medical, and development levy. The tuition fee does not include accommodation, feeding, transportation, and other personal expenses.

Does Al-Ansar University Accept Installment payments?

Yes, Al-Ansar University accepts school fees installment payments for students who cannot afford to pay the full amount at once. However, students who choose to pay in installments must complete the payment before the end of the semester. The university also offers discounts to students who pay their tuition and school fees in full and on time.

Al Ansar University School Fees Payment Procedure

To pay the tuition and school fees, students must follow these steps:

  • Log in to the university’s portal with their username and password.
  • Click on the “Pay Fees” tab and select the payment option (either per semester or per academic year).
  • Generate a payment invoice and print it out.
  • Take the invoice to any of the designated banks and make the payment.
  • Return to the portal and confirm the payment by entering the payment reference number and uploading the bank teller.
  • Please print out the payment receipt and keep it safe for future reference.

What is the Deadline for paying School Fees at Al-Ansar University?

the deadline for paying school fees depends on the student’s payment preference. If the student chooses to pay per semester, he or she must pay the full amount before the commencement of the examination period. If the student chooses to pay per academic year, he or she must pay the full amount before the start of the first semester. The university also allows students to pay in installments, but they must complete the payment before the end of the semester. The university also offers discounts to students who pay their tuition and school fees in full and on time.


Al-Ansar University is a great choice for students pursuing quality education in a conducive and Islamic environment. The university offers various science, arts, and social sciences courses, as well as state-of-the-art facilities and qualified staff. The tuition and school fees are affordable and flexible, and the admission process is simple.

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