Clifford University Cut Off Marks for All Courses 2024/2025: Everything You Need to Know

Clifford University Cut Off Marks: Are you an aspirant seeking admission into Clifford University (CLU)? If yes, you must be interested in knowing the cut off marks for all courses offered in CLU.

The cut off mark is the minimum score that a student must obtain in the post-UTME screening exercise before he or she can be considered for admission into any of the courses offered in CLU.

CLU general cut off mark varies from course to course and also based on the demand for the course in a particular academic session. The higher the number of applicants showing interest in a particular course, the higher the cut off mark.

Therefore, prospective students aspiring for admission into CLU should aim higher than the published cut off marks for their chosen courses. The reason for this is that cut off marks may increase due to the competition in the number of applicants seeking admission.

Overview of Clifford University

Clifford University is a faith-based private Nigerian university owned and operated by The Sword of the Spirit Ministries. The university which is located at Ihie Town in Isiala Mbano LGA of Imo State was established in July 2013.

The university commenced academic activities a year after its establishment with a student population of 82. As of 2013, the Clifford University student population has risen to over 5000.

The university currently has 8 faculties which are:

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Management and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Education

The faculties have various accredited academic departments running undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Meeting the cut off mark is a major criterion for admission into Clifford University. Therefore, prospective students should adequately prepare for the post-UTME screening to stand a chance.

Clifford University Cut Off Marks for All Courses

For the 2024/2025 academic session, Clifford University has set a minimum cut-off mark of 160. This implies that candidates who have scored 160 and above in the UTME are eligible to submit their applications for admission. It’s important to note that the departmental cut-off mark may differ based on several factors, including the performance of candidates, the volume of applicants, the available spaces, and the general admission policy of the institution.

Having provided useful background information about cut off marks at CLU, you will now find below, the cut off marks for different faculties and departments at the University.

Cut Off Marks for Arts and Humanities

  • English Language – 180
  • French – 180
  • Philosophy – 170
  • Religious Studies – 170
  • History & International Relations – 180

Cut Off Marks for Sciences

  • Biology – 200
  • Microbiology – 190
  • Biochemistry – 210
  • Biotechnology – 190
  • Chemistry – 210
  • Industrial Chemistry – 190
  • Mathematics – 200
  • Physics – 200
  • Geology – 180
  • Computer Science – 210

Cut Off Marks for Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering – 200
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering – 200
  • Civil Engineering – 190
  • Chemical Engineering – 200
  • Petroleum Engineering – 210
  • Material Science Engineering – 190
  • PetroChemical Engineering – 200

Cut Off Marks for Medical and Health Sciences

  • Medicine and Surgery – 240
  • Nursing Science – 210
  • Medical Laboratory Science – 200
  • Public Health – 190
  • Human Physiology – 200
  • Human Anatomy – 190

Cut Off Marks for Management and Social Sciences

  • Accounting – 200
  • Business Administration – 190
  • Banking and Finance – 190
  • Economics – 190
  • Mass Communication – 180
  • Political Science – 180
  • Public Administration – 180
  • Marketing – 190
  • Insurance – 180
  • Hospitality Management – 180

Cut Off Marks for Education

  • Education Arts – 180
  • Education Science – 190
  • Education English – 190
  • Education Economics – 190
  • Education Mathematics – 190
  • Education Social Science – 190
  • Education Management – 190
  • Education Accounting – 190

Cut Off Marks for Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

  • Animal Science and Technology – 190
  • Crop Science and Horticulture – 190
  • Soil Science – 190
  • Agricultural Economics – 190
  • Veterinary Medicine – 210
  • Fisheries – 190
  • Forestry – 190

Cut Off Marks for Basic and Applied Sciences

  • Statistics – 190
  • Biochemistry – 210
  • Botany – 190
  • Microbiology – 190
  • Zoology – 190
  • Physics – 200
  • Biotechnology – 190

Cut Off Marks for Law

  • Law – 220

Cut Off Marks for Part-Time/Evening Programmes

  • Part-Time Degree Programmes – 180
  • Part-Time HND Conversion Programmes – 160
  • Evening Degree Programmes – 180
  • Evening HND Conversion Programmes – 160

Factors that Influence CLU Cut Off Marks

The following factors usually influence the cut off mark approved for each course at Clifford University:

1. JAMB Fixed National Minimum Cut Off Mark

The national minimum UTME cut off mark for admission into tertiary institutions is set by JAMB in each academic session. The benchmark serves as a guide for universities in determining their minimum cut off marks.

If JAMB fixes the benchmark at 120 for instance, no university is expected to peg their minimum cut off mark below 120.

2. Location of the University

Clifford University is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Cut off marks for universities in the region are usually among the highest when compared to other regions. This is because the zone records the highest number of applicants seeking university admission annually.

3. Competition in the Number of Applicants

Courses with higher number of applicants often have higher cut off marks. For instance, Medicine, Law, Accountancy, etc record a large number of applicants so they are expected to have very high cut off marks.

4. Available Admission Quota

The admission quota approved for each course determines how many applicants would be admitted. Courses with lower admission quotas often have higher cut off marks attached.

5. Performance in Previous UTME

The general performance in UTME exams is considered. If performance was poor in the previous year, the minimum cut off mark may be reduced a little to increase the chances of admission.

6. Accreditation Status of the Courses

Courses that have full accreditation status usually attract more applicants which makes the cut off mark to be higher.

These and some other factors account for differences in cut off marks for various courses at Clifford University.

What To Do If You Don’t Meet the Cut Off Mark

Meeting the prescribed cut off mark for your course is the first step to gaining admission into Clifford University.

However, do not be discouraged if you score below the cut off mark for your course. Here are a few options to consider if you miss the cut off mark:

  • Improve your UTME Score: Sit for UTME again in the next admission year and work towards achieving a higher score above the cut off mark.
  • Change Institution or Course: You may consider applying to another institution where you meet the cut off mark for your course. Or, change your course to one with a lower cut off mark which you meet already.
  • Go for a Diploma or JUPEB/A’Level: Apply for a Diploma programme in CLU or any other institution to stand a better chance when seeking degree admission later. Also, you can enrol for JUPEB or A’Level to gain direct entry admission subsequently.
  • Appeal to School Management: Write an appeal letter to the Registrar or Dean of your faculty requesting them to consider your admission by lowering the cut off mark a little.

So do not lose hope. Explore any of these options to still have a chance of securing admission.

How to Increase Your Chances of Gaining Admission

Beyond meeting the cut off mark, you need to take some extra steps to increase your chances of being admitted into CLU after the post-UTME exercise:

  • Sit for the UTME exam early to allow you time to process your admission.
  • When registering for UTME, ensure you correctly fill your personal details, select Clifford University as first choice and your course of interest.
  • Attain a UTME score that is at least 50 marks above the cut off mark for your course. The higher your score, the higher your chances.
  • Start processing your admission application immediately JAMB releases your result. Follow through with all the steps without delay.
  • Sit for the CLU post-UTME exam and aim to score very high marks above the advertised cut off.
  • If invited, ensure you participate in the post screening interview. Prepare adequately and dress formally.
  • Present impressive results in your O’Level exams especially for core subjects like English, Mathematics, Physics, etc based on your faculty requirements.
  • Ensure you upload all the required credentials during the application process.
  • Adhere to important admission deadlines so your application can be duly processed.
  • Improve your physical fitness and participate fully in the medical screening processes.

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