EAUED New Student Registration Guide for the 2023/2024 Academic Session

Step-by-Step Registration Guide

STEP 1: Admission Confirmation and Initial Payments

  • Begin by accessing your admission portal on the university website at EAUED Admission Portal.
  • Upload your JAMB admission letter. If you encounter any difficulties, the University ICT centre is at your disposal for assistance.
  • Subsequent to uploading your JAMBAdmission letter, it’s required to pay for specific university fees, including ID card and Matriculation fees, to facilitate the printing of the Admission Certification Confirmation.
  • This Confirmation document must receive endorsement from the Director of ICT/MIS.
  • With the endorsement, proceed to the University Admission Officecarrying:
    • University Admission Letter,
    • JAMB Admission Letter,
    • Admission Certification Clearance,
    • Receipts of payment for Clearance and Admission Certification.

STEP II: University Admission Clearance and School Fees Payment

  • Upon presenting your documents at the University Admission Office, you will receive the University Admission Clearance Certificate.
  • Before heading to the Faculty Office, access your student portal to pay the School fees. You have the option to pay in full or in instalments.
  • At your Faculty Office, present:
    • The University Admission Clearance Certificate,
    • Receipt of payment of School fees.
  • You will receive a briefing and instructions on course registration and the e-copy of your Faculty Prospectus.

STEP III: Finalising Your Registration

  • Post-departmental briefing, register for the 2023/2024 Session via the student Registration portal, where you’ll be assigned your University Matriculation Number.
  • Completion of this registration confirms your status as a bonafide student.
  • Ensure to download the lecture Timetable from your portal and maintain a minimum of 70% attendance to be eligible for examinations.

Registration for University Health Services

  • All students must register for the University Health Services through their student platform, completing the necessary Health Form.
  • Take the printed form to the University Health Centre for mandatory medical tests, including a Chest X-ray examination (at a specified cost).
  • You will receive a Registration Cardfor accessing medical services at the University.



Registration for Hostel Accommodation (Female Students Only)

  • Female students seeking hostel accommodation should register via their portal page and pay the accommodation fee of N150,000 per bed space, with an additional N20,000 as a Caution fee.
  • Bed spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Should demand exceed availability, a ballot will be conducted.
  • Allocated bed spaces must be paid for within 48 HOURS; failure to do so will result in reallocation.

Key Reminders

  • Document Verification: Ensure all documents are original and copies are clear.
  • Timely Payments: Adhere to deadlines for fee payments to avoid any inconveniences.
  • Health and Accommodation: Complete these registrations promptly to secure your well-being and living arrangements on campus.

The Emmanuel Alayande University of Education is committed to providing an enriching and supportive environment for all its students. Should you have any queries or require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact the relevant university offices. Welcome to EAUED, and we wish you a fruitful academic journey ahead.

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