Explore NDA Courses and Cut Off Marks for 2023/2024

Understanding the NDA

The National Defence Academy is an esteemed institution that offers a comprehensive training program to candidates aspiring to join the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force as officers.

Located in Khadakwasla, Pune, the NDA provides a rigorous and holistic training curriculum that combines academic education, military training, and physical fitness development.

The academy aims to groom young individuals into well-rounded officers capable of handling various challenges in the defense forces.

Importance of NDA Cut Off Marks

NDA cut off marks hold significant importance as they act as a benchmark to determine the eligibility of candidates for further selection rounds.

Only those candidates who score above the specified cut off mark are deemed qualified go one to next level. Which is the selection process.

Achieving a high cut off mark is crucial for securing a seat in the NDA and pursuing a career in the defense forces.

Factors Affecting NDA Cut Off Marks

Several factors influence the determination of NDA cut off marks. These factors include:

Difficulty Level of the Exam

The difficulty level of the NDA entrance examination can vary from year to year. If the exam is relatively tougher, the cut off marks may be lower, while an easier exam may lead to higher cut off marks.

2. Number of Applicants

The total number of applicants appearing for the NDA entrance examination also impacts the cut off marks. If the competition is fierce and the number of applicants is high, the cut off marks tend to increase.

3. Reservation Policy

The reservation policy implemented by the NDA also plays a role in determining the cut off marks for different categories. Reserved categories may have different cut off marks compared to the general category.

Previous Year NDA Cut Off Marks

To give you an idea of the expected cut off marks, here are the previous year’s NDA cut off marks:

Year 2022:

  • Army: 350
  • Navy: 345
  • Air Force: 335

Year 2021:

  • Army: 370
  • Navy: 360
  • Air Force: 355

    NDA Cut Off Marks for Different Categories

    The NDA also considers different categories while determining the cut off marks. Here are the approximate cut off marks for different categories:

    • General Category: 350-370
    • OBC Category: 320-340
    • SC Category: 290-310
    • ST Category: 270-290

      Updated List Of NDA Courses and Cut Off Marks

      Here is the updated table with NDA Courses and Cut Off Marks:

      Army 340-360 450-470
      Navy 330-350 430-450
      Air Force 320-340


      Securing admission to the National Defence Academy (NDA) is a dream for many aspiring defense personnel.

      Understanding the NDA courses and cut off marks is crucial to plan your preparation effectively.

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