JAMB Subject Combination for Anthropology

JAMB Subject Combination for Anthropology: Are you interested in understanding different human cultures, beliefs and behaviours? If you desire a career in anthropology, you need to pick suitable subjects for your JAMB UTME/Direct Entry exam to gain admission into a university degree program.

An Overview of Studying Anthropology in Nigeria

Anthropology focuses on the study of human beings – their origins, cultures, beliefs and behaviours. As a student, you will learn about:

  • Cultural anthropology – beliefs, language, art, traditions of societies
  • Biological anthropology – evolution, genetics, adaptations in humans
  • Archaeology – artifacts, material culture, history of ancient civilizations
  • Linguistic anthropology – the origin and use of human language

This provides diverse career opportunities in fields like:

  • Museum and cultural resource management
  • International development
  • Humanitarian work
  • Postsecondary teaching and research
  • Cultural diversity training and consulting
  • Public health research
  • Forensics
  • Tourism

However, gaining admission into competitive university anthropology programs requires choosing suitable JAMB subject combinations. Let’s explore your options:

Compulsory JAMB Subjects for Anthropology

To qualify for admission into university anthropology courses, there are 2 core compulsory JAMB subjects you must take:

1. English Language

A good command of the English language is essential for studying anthropology which deals heavily with linguistics, research, writing and communication. The JAMB exam will test your proficiency in areas like vocabulary, comprehension, summary writing and logical reasoning.

2. Literature in English

This subject develops your analytical skills by studying literary works from different cultures. You will learn how to critically examine prose, drama and poetry. Literature in English provides useful context for understanding human societies.

For UTME candidates, these 2 subjects are combined with 2 other arts/social science subjects.

For direct entry students, 1 other arts subject is added to the combination.

So in summary, the core compulsory JAMB subjects for anthropology are English and Literature in English.

Optional JAMB Subjects for Anthropology

To complete your combination, anthropology requires 2 additional arts/social science subjects. Great options include:


History provides an understanding of important past events, cultures, political systems, art, lifestyles etc. which aids the study of human civilization and development. Highly valuable for anthropology students.


This subject provides crucial knowledge on political systems, public administration, governance of societies etc. Useful for studying the impact of policies on different cultural groups.


Understanding economic principles, resource allocation and distribution within societies gives context for studying human decision-making, trade, exchange, markets and livelihoods across cultures.


Learning about landforms, weather patterns, natural resources, mapping etc. and their influence on human settlements and activities provides important foundational knowledge for anthropology study.


For students interested in business practices, commerce gives useful skills in marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, trade etc. which enables the study of economic anthropology and ethnography of corporations.

So in summary, you can pick 2 additional subjects from:

  • History
  • Government
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Commerce

This gives you a well-rounded combination covering both arts and social sciences.

For direct entry students, 1 arts subject out of the above options is sufficient to complete the combo.

Complete JAMB Subject Combinations for Anthropology

Based on the above, here are ideal subject combinations:

For UTME (100 Level Entry)

  • English, Literature in English, History and Government
  • English, Literature in English, Economics and Geography
  • English, Literature in English, Government and Commerce

For Direct Entry (200 Level Entry)

  • English, Literature in English, History
  • English, Literature in English, Economics
  • English, Literature in English, Government

Pick a combination that caters perfectly to your strengths and interests.

Tips to Excel in Your Anthropology Subjects

To achieve top grades in your selected JAMB subjects, here are some handy tips:

Subject-Specific Tips

For English:

  • Learn new vocabulary words and brush up on grammar rules.
  • Read short stories, novels, magazines and newspapers to improve comprehension.
  • Practice summary and essay writing using good language expression.

For Literature in English:

  • Read African and international literary works by famous writers and poets.
  • Improve your oral skills by reciting important quotes and speeches.
  • Practice literary device identification and critical analysis of prose and drama.

For History:

  • Extensively revise Nigerian history, ancient African civilization, slave trade era, colonialism etc.
  • Also, study key world history events and dates.
  • Practice source-based questions to improve your analytical skills.

For Government:

  • Learn in detail about the constitution, public administration, legal systems, law-making bodies, roles of government etc.
  • Study how government policies influence culture, education, healthcare etc.

For Economics:

  • Understand the principles governing production, supply, demand, markets, trade, public finance etc.
  • Study the impact of economic changes on societies.

For Geography:

  • Revise physical geography topics like climatology, geomorphology, oceanography etc.
  • Also covers human geography aspects like population distribution, migration, human ecology etc.

For Commerce:

  • Learn about principles of marketing, advertising, consumer behaviour, trade, accounting, entrepreneurship etc.

General Tips

  • Purchase recommended JAMB textbooks to adequately cover each subject syllabus.
  • Study with a clear timetable and stick to it diligently.
  • Take past JAMB questions to continually gauge your knowledge levels.
  • Learn how to properly tackle objective and theory questions.

Using these tips will help you achieve top scores in your chosen subjects.

FAQs on JAMB Subject Combination for Anthropology

Here are some answers to frequent questions on JAMB subjects for anthropology:

Is English Language compulsory for anthropology?

Yes, English is mandatory for all university courses including anthropology.

Can I combine sciences like Chemistry or Biology with anthropology?

Anthropology requires only arts/social science subjects. Sciences are not usually accepted.

Is Mathematics compulsory for anthropology?

No, Maths is not mandatory. Statistics may be taught but high level Maths is not required.

Can I use Fine Art or Music instead of Literature in English?

Literature in English is the standard compulsory arts subject. Other arts/social sciences can be opted for.

Is Commerce accepted as a JAMB subject for anthropology?

Yes, commerce is an acceptable social science subject that can be combined.

I hope these clarifications help you avoid mistakes when picking your subject combinations.

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