NABTEB 2023 GCE Results Statistics:

Overview of the 2023 NABTEB Examination Results

The 2023 examinations, which spanned from Monday, 6th November to Saturday, 9th December, were conducted nationwide. They aimed at awarding the National Business Certificate (NBC)/National Technical Certificate (NTC) and Advanced National Business Certificate (ANBC)/Advanced National Technical Certificate (ANTC) to private candidates. The results have revealed a significant milestone with a 71.27 percent pass rate in five subjects, including Mathematics and English.

Key Highlights of the Result

  • Achievement in Pass Rates: Out of 39,478 candidates who sat for the NBC/NTC examinations, 28,137 achieved five (5) credits and above, including English Language and Mathematics, marking a 71.27% success rate. Furthermore, 37,476 candidates achieved five (5) credits and above, with or without English Language and Mathematics, representing an impressive 94.93%.
  • Candidate Enrolment and Examination Participation: The total enrolment for the examinations reached 43,594 candidates, comprising 26,004 males and 17,590 females across 1,746 centres. The enrolment spanned across various trades and subjects, indicating a diverse interest among the candidates.
  • Performance Across Different Levels: At the Craft Level, 14,389 out of 34,954 candidates, representing 41.17%, were certified as Craftsmen. This figure shows a decrease compared to the 2022 performance rate of 62.71%. Conversely, at the Master Craft Level, 2,099 out of 3,829 candidates, representing 54.82%, were certified as Master Craftsmen, showing an improvement over the previous year’s 48.63%.
  • Examination Malpractice: The Registrar noted that 246 candidates, which constitutes 0.57% of the total candidates that sat for the examinations, were implicated in examination malpractice.

What This Means for Candidates and Stakeholders

The 2023 NABTEB results not only highlight the achievements and areas for improvement in technical and vocational education but also underscore the Board’s commitment to maintaining integrity and excellence in examinations. Candidates are encouraged to view their results and those interested in understanding the detailed statistics can do so by visiting the official link provided: How to Check NABTEB 2023 Nov/Dec Exams Results.



The release of the NABTEB 2023 examination results is a significant event that reflects the current state of vocational and technical education in Nigeria. It provides valuable insights into student performance, enrolment trends, and the overall effectiveness of the examination system. As we move forward, it is crucial for all stakeholders to collaborate in addressing the challenges and building on the successes to further enhance the quality of technical and business education in Nigeria.

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