NABTEB GCE Results 2023 Released

Step-by-Step Guide to Checking NABTEB GCE Results Online

For those eager to view their results, the process has been streamlined for ease and accessibility. Follow these steps to check your NABTEB GCE Nov/Dec results online:

STEP 1: Visit the Official Portal

Start by navigating to the NABTEB result checking portal at

STEP 2: Enter Your Candidate Identification Number

Input your Candidate Identification Number, for example, 38001178, into the required field.

STEP 3: Select Your Examination Type

Choose the Type of Examination you participated in, specifically NOV/DEC.

STEP 4: Specify Your Examination Year

Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year, which, in this instance, is 2023.

STEP 5: Provide Card Serial Number

Enter the Card Serial Number located on the reverse side of your Scratch card. This number starts with an alphabet prefix followed by digits, e.g., N123456789.

STEP 6: Input Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Key in the 12-digit PIN from your Scratch card, such as 012345678912.

STEP 7: Submit Your Request

Click the Submit button and await the display of your results window.

Receiving Your NABTEB GCE Result via Email

For candidates preferring to receive their results via email, the procedure is just as straightforward:

  • Follow the initial steps 1-6 outlined above.
  • Choose the ‘Send Results to E-mail’ option.
  • Enter a valid e-mail address, for example,
  • Click Submit and await the results in your email inbox.



Getting Your NABTEB GCE Result via SMS

If you prefer to receive your results directly to your mobile phone, the SMS method is available:

  • Send an SMS in the format: NABTEBExamNoPINExamTypeExamYear to the short-code 32327. For instance, for Nov/Dec results, format it as NABTEB01001001123456789012ND2023.
  • Remember, there should be no space in the message. Your result will be delivered to your phone via SMS.


Accessing your 2023 NABTEB GCE results is a simple and straightforward process, whether online, via email, or SMS. This guide aims to facilitate a hassle-free experience for you to obtain your results promptly. We wish you the very best of luck and commend your efforts in reaching this significant milestone in your educational journey.

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