Offa Poly Launches Open Distance & Flexible e-Learning Program

The Federal Polytechnic, Offa, under the visionary leadership of Engr. Dr. Kadiri Kamoru Oluwatoyin FNSE, stands on the cusp of an educational revolution. With the decision to implement Open Distance and Flexible e-Learning (ODFeL), the institution is poised to transcend traditional educational boundaries, offering a lifeline to those for whom conventional learning paths are a challenging pursuit.

🚀 Programme Offa Poly to start Open Distance and Flexible e-Learning
🎓 Management Engr. Dr. Kadiri leads the e-Learning initiative
🛠️ Training NBTE trains Offa Poly staff on innovative teaching
📡 Technology Emphasis on educational technology integration
🌐 Access Aims to widen access to TVET
🛣️ Framework Required infrastructure for e-Learning in place
📊 Vision To offer flexible, accessible education
💪 Support Full commitment to e-Learning success at Offa Poly

Embracing a New Era of Learning

The polytechnic’s management team, in a strategic move, has welcomed a delegation from the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) to facilitate a training session aimed at fine-tuning the faculty’s pedagogical skills and to scrutinise the available facilities. This initiative underscores the institution’s commitment to ensuring that a broad spectrum of learners can access quality education at an affordable rate.

ODFeL: A Multifaceted Educational Model

The essence of ODFeL lies in its harmonious blend of open learning, distance education, face-to-face instruction, and digital learning modalities. Mr. Aliyu Hassanof the NBTE, in his session, highlighted that this model is meticulously crafted to dismantle barriers to education, granting learners the flexibility of when, where, and how they choose to learn.

Boldly stepping into the digital age, the polytechnic’s staff are encouraged to harness this opportunity to broaden their teaching methodologies and leverage technology to drive learning.

Vision and Prospects of ODFeL

The overarching vision of ODFeL is clear: to facilitate learning without constraints of geography or time, employing educational technologies to expand access to Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and position Nigeria on the global stage as a nation of skilled professionals.

Infrastructure and Readiness

To actualise this vision, Mr. Ibrahim Akanbi, an alumnus of the Federal Polytechnic, Offa and an NBTE expert, emphasised the necessity of a robust framework and cutting-edge technologies. The institution’s readiness to adopt ODFeL is reflected in the unwavering support of the management and the meticulous preparation of the necessary facilities and resources.

Professional Growth and Global Competitiveness

Dr. Mrs. M. B Aliyu, representing the Rector, articulated the importance of this training in equipping the staff with the skills required to adapt to evolving educational trends and to compete on a global scale. ODFeL promises a learning experience characterised by flexibility, convenience, and inclusivity, particularly for individuals restricted by financial, temporal, or geographical limitations.

A Unified Endeavour

In a show of solidarity, the Deputy Rector Admin., Dr. Salimonu Isiaq, and the Director of ODFeL, Engr. Dr. Abdulazeez Ajao, expressed their gratitude towards the NBTE team and the polytechnic staff. Their collective efforts and dedication are pivotal in bringing this innovative educational model to fruition.

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