LASU School Fees 2023/2024 Academic Session

How much is the Lagos State University school fees for new students? See the total cost of LASU school fees for all courses as well as LASU school fees for freshers and returning students below.

This information is very vital for all aspiring students of the Lagos State University Ojo. We have provided details regarding LASU school fees for indigenes and non-indigenes as well as the Lagos State University school fees for Direct Entry students and part-time students.

So we advise you to take it very seriously as it is provided for sole informational reasons. LASU school fees payment procedures for undergraduates are outlined below.

LASU School Fees for Freshers and Returning Students

Are you a prospective student of the Lagos State University and wondering how much the Lagos State University accepts as tuition fees? If so, we have got you covered!

This article was written to help all prospective students to know the total cost of LASU tuition fees for the 2023/2024 academic session and how to pay LASU school fees via the official LASU school fees portal.

We have published LASU school fees for all courses offered at the Lagos State University as well as Lagos State University school fees per semester. So read on to know the total cost of LASU school fees for freshers as well as that of returning students.

We are pleased to inform all who saw their names on the LASU admission list that the school management has released the amount to be paid as tuition fees. Below is a breakdown of the Lagos State University school fees for freshers as well as returning students.

Lagos State University School Fees 2023/2024 Academic Session

Faculty of Education

  • Adult Education Management – N113,250
  • Biology Education – N113,250
  • Social Studies Education – N113,250
  • Exercise Physiology – N113,250
  • Guidance and Counseling – N113,250
  • Adult Literacy and Non-Formal Education – N113,250
  • Human Kinetics and Health Education – N113,250
  • History Education – N113,250
  • Sociology of Education – N113,250
  • Integrated Science Education – N113,250
  • Adult Education – N113,250
  • Geography Education – N113,250
  • Chemistry Education – N113,250
  • Educational Administration and Planning – N113,250
  • Islamic Studies Education – N113,250
  • French Education – N113,250
  • Business Education – N113,250
  • Sports Administration/ Management – N113,250
  • Curriculum Theory – N113,250
  • Christian Religious Studies – N113,250
  • English Literature Education – N113,250
  • Technology Education – N113,250
  • Education Psychology – N113,250
  • Religious Education – N113,250
  • Yoruba Education – N113,250
  • English Education – N113,250
  • Home Economics Education – N113,250
  • Physiology of Education – N113,250

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Mass Communication and Journalism – N113,250
  • Finance – N113,250
  • Insurance – N113,250
  • Economics – N113,250
  • Management – N113,250
  • Industrial relations and personnel management – N113,250
  • Business Administration – N113,250
  • Accounting – N113,250
  • Transport Planning and Management – N113,250
  • Psychology – N113,250
  • Public and international affairs – N113,250
  • Social Works – N113,250
  • Sociology – N113,250
  • Political Science – N113,250

Faculty of Arts

  • Creative Art: Music – N113,250
  • History – N113,250
  • English Literature – N113,250
  • Creative Art: Theatre Arts – N113,250
  • Philosophy – N113,250
  • English Language – N113,250
  • Creative Art: Visual Arts – N113,250
  • African and Asian, Linguistics, – N113,250
  • European Languages (Russian and French) – N113,250

School Of Basic Medical Sciences

  • Physiology – N115,750
  • Biochemistry – N115,750

Faculty of Sciences

  • Computer Science – N115,750
  • Microbiology – N115,750
  • Biology – N115,750
  • Chemistry – N115,750
  • Physics – N115,750
  • Fishery Sciences – N115,750
  • Botany – N115,750
  • Mathematics and Statistics – N115,750
  • Zoology – N115,750

School of Clinical Sciences

  • Dentistry – N115,750
  • Medicine and Surgery – N115,750

Faculty of Law

  • Legal Studies – N115,750
  • Public Law – N115,750
  • Private and Property Law – N115,750
  • Commercial and Industrial Law – N115,750
  • Jurisprudence and International Law – N115,750
  • Islamic Law – N115,750

Faculty of Engineering

  • Computer and Electronic  Engineering – N115,750
  • Mechanical Engineering – N115,750
  • Polymer and Chemical Engineering – N115,750

Lagos State University Acceptance Fee

How much is the Lagos State University acceptance fee? LASU acceptance fee is N20,000 (twenty thousand naira only) and is nonrefundable. The acceptance fee is a compulsory payment for all newly admitted students of the institution and it is not included in the school fees.

LASU Hostel Accommodation Fee

How much is the Lagos State University hostel accommodation fee? LASU hostel fee is N30,000 (thirty thousand naira only) per academic year. The hostel fee covers bed space and maintenance. Accommodations are available for all interested students per academic year.

Note: Late payment of LASU tuition fees for first-year students may either attract extra charges, inability to seat for a semester examination, or forfeit of admission. All freshers and old students are advised to pay the Lagos State University school fees early at the designated banks nationwide. Payment of LASU fees 2023 should be made within the stipulated time given by the school.

If you are an aspiring student of the Lagos State University, it is also good to know if the school offers your preferred course and the admission requirements for your chosen course. Check LASU courses to know more about the courses offered in the school and entry requirements into those courses.

You can also check LASU admission form to know more about the Post UTME screening exercise and how to apply for admission successfully without any hindrance.

If you have any questions regarding LASU school fees 2023 for new students, feel free to let us know by using the comment box below this page and we will respond immediately.

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