When Will NABTEB Result Be Out For 2023? See Date

Is NABTEB result 2023 out? When will NABTEB result be out for 2023/2024? See the latest news on NABTEB results and the 2023 NABTEB result release date and time below.

Did you sit for the just concluded SSCE examination and wonder how long it takes for NABTEB to release results and when is NABTEB result coming out in Nigeria? If yes, then it means you are really eager to further your education this year in any tertiary institution of your choice.

Many students have also been wondering as much as you do. We have received several questions such as; What date is NABTEB result coming out? How long does it take for NABTEB to release results? Is NABTEB result 2023 out in Nigeria? or When will NABTEB result 2023 be released?

So when is NABTEB 2023 result coming out? When will NABTEB 2023 result be released? If you are interested in knowing when NABTEB SSCE 2023 result will be officially out, then it might interest you to know that this article is for you. Read on to know when NABTEB 2023 result will be released.

Is NABTEB 2023 Result Out?

Is NABTEB result out for 2023? The answer is No! The 2023 NABTEB Result is yet to be out. This means that the 2023 Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) result for school candidates is yet to be released.

When Will NABTEB Result Be Out For 2023?

According to the National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB), the NABTEB 2023 result will be out on 29th August 2023. This means that the SSCE result 2023 for school candidates will be released on 29th August 2023.

According to the National Business and Technical Examinations Board, the reason why the results are delayed is due to some challenges faced by the board. The board not only apologizes for the delay but also urges all candidates that sat for the examination to continue to have patient.

97% of the SSCE results are ready and will be released very soon. So we strongly advised you to bookmark or save this page and refresh it regularly so as to be among the first students to know when the result is released.

How To Check NABTEB Result 2023/2024

  1. Visit NABTEB result checking portal at https://eworld.nabteb.gov.ng.
  2. Enter your Candidate Identification Number e.g. 38001178.
  3. Select the Type of Examination.
  4. Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year e.g. 2023.
  5. Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card. The Card Serial Number has an alphabet prefix followed by digits e.g. N123456789.
  6. Enter the 12-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card eg. 012345678912.
  7. Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up.

If you still have any questions regarding when will NABTEB 2023 result be out? feel free to let us know by using the comment box below this page and we will respond immediately.

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